Video Packs!

A collection of collections.

Grayscapes is a video clip collection of simple, animated, mostly symmetrical geometric patterns in grayscale intended for r_e_c_u_r and other video samplers.

Refractions is a collection symmetric, self similar patterns. It is an exploration of movement in 3D space. Intended primarily for use in Resolume and other video samplers.

Massive shoutout to @godtease and @Winston for putting such great collections together.

Show us how you’ve used a VideoPack below!

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Thanks for sharing! If you folks like Grayscapes I hope to release a followup in the near future!

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Hi there, total noob here, I just literally received my Hypno a few days ago.
So… can I upload this Video Packs in my Hypno? If so, how?

Thanks in advance

Hypno doesn’t support video sampling since it’s focused on synthesis.

The video packs are for things like OBS, recur and resolume we have been creating as a fun side project with the community.

(We are definitely looking into video sampling techniques for the future though)

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Check out r_e_c_u_r if you want a simple and affordable solution for video playback in your video rig! I use mine all the time. There’s a Facebook group to join if you’re interested “r_e_c_u_r user group” if you search it

Got it.
Thanks for the clarification, and for pointing me towards r_e_c_u_r!
Excited to dip my toes in the video synthesis world, and to see how far you can take Hypno

i tried to download grayscapes pack but could un-rar it on my mac. Refractions worked fine though. any thought as to why?

Hi @gnomedrone! Welcome to the forum!

Perhaps the file was corrupted while transferring? Have you tried re-downloding?

I work off a Mac and I haven’t had a problem with this file on my end.

I tried downloading twice, with no success either time. Will give a go again tonight. What software are you using to unrar btw?

@gnomedrone Just confirmed this is working on my system.

Downloaded and unarchived using The Unarchiver successfully on Catalina 10.15.3

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Will give it a shot. cheers

fwiw, unzipped without a problem using the unarchiver :man_shrugging:


Just added the Simple Pleasures Video Pack!

Check it out here ->

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lovely set of videos. thank you :slight_smile:

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:pray: Don’t forget to donate to the artists!


Hey everyone, we just released my new video pack Oscillations this morning. Check it out!

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Hey Sleepy Heads! A new free video pack is up at It was my turn to make a video pack this month and after some experimentation, I settled on the concept of liquid evaporating off of Water Writing Paper. Water Writing Paper is an amazing material that turns from white to deep black when wet, and then back to white again as water slowly evaporates from its surface. Abstract shapes quickly appear and slowly fade away as the camera pans over the textured surface to accentuate movement during the slow and meditative process of evaporation.

Because evaporation is such a slow process, the videos in this pack were captured at 1 frame-per-second and then rendered at 24 frames-per-second to reveal the evolving and organic shapeshifting of water. The videos look great further sped up (like in my highlight-reel above). They also work well for keying and are a great “noise-like” sources when jumping quickly and randomly between frames.


looks super cool. cant wait to try it out!

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Thank you! I can not wait to see what you make with it!

Just added the City Birds Video Pack a couple weeks ago!

Check it out here ->