Video A and B alignment jumping after a few mins

Hello, big fan of hypno and love the module.
im having a bit of trouble aligning video A and B and then after a while ( 2-3 mins ) it jumps to a non aligned position.
when i first start… i change the B channel to vid… run the scale sliders up and down to the bottom to match them … and then on VCMC i have the vid X crop for A and B on 2 faders
and pull those to 0. and its perfectly aligned.
so at the start i can change feedback mode or mess with any setting and they stay perfectly aligned.
after it happens… i can set them to be aligned using the polarity knob or on a fader using VCMC , but after a while they pop out of alignment without me doing anything… and then thats it… they will be mis aligned every time i change something big like symmetry or feedback mode.
heres a link to a vid showing it happening after 2 mins 40 seconds of being perfectly aligned.
at second 00:18 in the vid it jumps out of alignment. and after i get it back into alignment ish with the knobs i then scale a and bs x like i did at 00:03 (which stayed aligned)
and it jumps out of alignment this would also have happened if i had changed feedback mode… i kind of get it back with the knobs… then as im adjusting symmetry it jumps out again at 02:15

so i was wondering if there was anything i can do to stop this from happening?. i may sometimes get 10 mins but after its been on and i switch off
its pretty consistently 2-3 mins before it jumps out of alignment. is it a heat thing? i have it in a eurorack case. maybe its how i have my VCMC set up… some sort of alignment lock would make the hypno perfect for me. i dunno if this is just me… as i see nobody else reporting this… could i have a noisy pot? any help on this would be very appreciated.
thank you

Could you reupload or repost the video of the issue? It’s saying the video has been deleted.

Im sorry i dont have anywhere permanent to put it … and i dont think i can embed it.
hopefully this one stays up for a few days.

Thank you for the video, that makes it clearer.

Try running Hypno by itself without the VCMC and see if you’re still having that same issue.

Hi Naomi, i ran 3 tests over about 40 mins… and yeah it still happens , it seems to happen quicker without VCMC. please see this vid

at 00:10 i set the shape B to Video and adjust the crop holding down right and middle buttons and running both sliders to the middle and down to the bottom… perfectly aligning the two channels at 00:24 , i up the gain a bit to 3 oclock… top 4 knobs are all 12 o clock. then im pressing the top button to change feedback mode at 00:53, i cycle back to no feedback and it holds alignment for a moment until 01:05 and it jumps out… from this point on it will jump out of alignment even if i get it back with the pots when feedback mode is pressed. as seen in the vid.
can you replicate this on your module?
many thanks for investigating this.

Hi, Have you had a chance to try and replicate this issue.?.. you will need to leave the unit on for over 10 mins at first ive found… and can you try with a pi3 and pi 4… because if its a pi3 thing… then ill pull it out of my eurorack and put a pi4 in now they are back in stock but atm im not sure if its hardware or software… im obviously hoping this can be fixed some how … but i dont know if its just my unit or not.

There may be some variation just in the nature of analog potentiometers.

I might suggest either
A: Saving a preset with the videos aligned and recalling that if they become misaligned
B: muting one of the videos and just playing a single video. Then, you could unmute and bring the second channel back in if you need it.

thanks for getting back to me Naomi,

A does not work… it recalls the settings misaligned.
B sounds like not using it as it was intended to be used.

can i send it back to you for a fix if i pay the postage?

Hi, so… i was wracking my brains about what it could be and decided to just try it out of euro rack with a pi4B instead of a Pi3 A + and its fine after 30 mins … so maybe its the 2.3 firmware for the pi3? anyway … im glad i could work it out myself after a few weeks of back and forth with you. if anyone else has this issue ask them to try with a pi4. :wink: im off to record some stuff now its stable. cheers!

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