UVC codecs / Envelope followers / USB switches?

Hello Sleepy Heads…

A couple of Q’s please…

  1. Will an Erica Synths Pico EF Eurorack Envelope Follower Module work to follow music rhythm pls? (I will add an eq before, and it has an amp built-in ) - An ideas how can i power this and the Hypno simply together?)

  2. Anyone one know how the Hypno would react to a simple USB switch with two different UVC webcams? (one thermal, one IR)

  3. Will the Hypno work with thermal cams? i.e. These claim to be UVC:


Hey there,

Depending on which version of Hypno you have, you can power it in a Eurorack case with the adapter kits:

that you can power your envelope follower and hypno in the same case and have a lil room for more modulation.

as for UVC cameras, they should work no problem. Their effect however may be a lil more peculiar, but could be fun! Always worth a shot!

But as per the manual, you can only have one device in operation at a time:

Thanks cinema.av

Thanks for that… Looks like until there is a pi4 power solution I would need to power separately.

As for the USB switching question, can I please get clarification… So according to the manual if you had multiple cams via a USB hub (or the multiple usb ports) you could switch between cams using the Hypno? But have only one usb source at a time as an input


so in my experience, only one uvc device, be it a webcam, or my case a roland v4ex, and usb drive with samples will properly load up, even if both are plugged into the usb drives on the back of the pi4.

if the eurorack case solution is something you absolutely must have, it’s not all that difficult to try and source a pi3 A+, and pop that in instead.

you do however lose the multiple usb slots, for flash drives, and midi devices, and just get the one.

entirely up to you.