Using multiple HDMI display outputs

How does the Hypno handle outputting multiple HDMI displays at once? I was hoping I could use a splitter like this to multiply my outputs (one to a projector, the rest to computer displays).

Can the Hypno support this? Or does this even matter what the source is for a widget like this?

It doesn’t matter the source – Hypno doesn’t care. I use multiple splitters in my rig, which can be useful for feedback channels and for being able to mix between standard and effected sources.

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I can also confirm that this works.

It should have nothing to do with the Hypno, the splitter just replicates whatever signal it gets.

Technically, the HDMI Source gets the EDID data from the Sink to set the output display properties accordingly. The closer the display capabilities are to each other, the less chance there is of a glitch. Fortunately, the HYPNO is all low res, so there probably is not an issue with “the lowest common denominator,” which is why it works well in this configuration.

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Well that is fantastic news. I was just given an Amazon gift card for my birthday, so I just got myself a 1x4 splitter and a mini display. I’m using a projector right now as my main source, but my problem is that I don’t always take the time to see what’s actually happening visually because I’m so focused on making music. Having something small and in my face will help solve this issue.

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