Using Hypno with IOS?

I’m interested in adding Hypno to my setup. I use AUM on an iPad to route midi to various Audio Units (Moog Model D, etc.) from my midi keyboard, Akai midimix and a few custom-made midi controllers. My controllers are connected via a powered USB hub connected to the iPad with the Apple camera dongle. I’d like to send midi from these controllers to the Hypno.

I haven’t found much info on using Hypno with IOS. I saw one video where someone used an audio interface with midi out to send signals to the hypno. Does this get around the midi host-to-host issue? I have a Motu 2 with midi out - will that work?

what USB hub are you using?

Make sure you’re sending MIDI over USB to Hypno as it doesn’t work with 5-pin DIN MIDI

I’m using an Anker 7-Port USB 3.0 Data Hub with 36W Power Adapter –

…you might want to check this solution which allows a 4-port MIDI-connection between two ‘computers’:

Unfortunately, the iPad is a USB host, so you’re not able to plug directly into Hypno to control it.

Your best bet would be to send MIDI over Bluetooth. We recommend the WIDI Bud Pro, as seen in this demo

If you do end up in the MIDI 5-pin DIN cable world, the Hypno should work with a class-compliant USB-MIDI interface which is linux compatible.

I have a reasonably complex physical MIDI situation , and have a Roland UM-ONE plugged into a USB port on my Hypno. This allows it to take a 5-pin DIN MIDI signal input and get it into the Hypno, and seems to work for me. There are similar cheaper class-compliant USB-MIDI interfaces around but I have had issues with some of the cheap options in the past.

Now to check whether I had posted this in the compatible hardware thread on here as I might have forgotten to do so.

I got my Hypno earlier this week and managed to get it working with my setup!

Here are the connections:

iPad Pro (2nd gen) with Apple Lightning to USB adapter - lightning port to power, USB port to powered USB hub

Motu 2 audio interface plugged into USB hub

Mio XC USB to MIDI adapter - 5 pin connectors plugged into Motu 2

Mio XC USB contened to USB on Hypno

Hypno connected to HDMI and power

I created a Hypno-surface in the Surface Builder app that had all of the knobs sending MIDI on channel 16 to talk to the Hypno

Hypno-surface loaded into AUM

MIDI routed in AUM to M2 (Motu 2)

And it works! You can check what MIDI signals you are sending to the Hypno with the handy MIDI monitor in Surface Builder

This Is jus the beginning, but I am very excited to start exploring the Hypno!


Very cool I wasn’t aware of surface builder in AUM even though I have used this app a lot before!