USB video sampling doesn't work

Hi I’m trying to get it work but without any success on 2.3 OS. When I’m trying to format USB key it says complete but old files stay there and after uploading new video it doesn’t work. Should I try different USB keys? thank you

If the USB formatting fails, it still says complete and the sample video is copied to a folder on the Hypno system instead. I reinstalled the firmware and formatted the USB drive on windows machine instead. The formatting feature is unreliable.

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Yeah unfortunately this is a new feature in this patch and doesn’t always work for some reason thanks for your patience with it. The desktop utilities are still considerably more reliable but some users where having trouble with those so I coded this in as an option. Sometimes it is still useful in my experience because not all utilities set the drive labels correctly for the sampling to work but yeah if it fails it can make a mess and require a reflash :confused:

Thank you guys, when I’m trying to reinstall OS balenaEtcher doesn’t see Hypno at all. Got no Idea what to do with this. Tried everything from info what I gathered here in this forum. Maybe I should try PC?

I didn’t get any info on which Hypno you have so going to assume its the CM4 version we have been selling most recently.

When flashing make sure the update switch is in the ON position and make sure youre using the usb port attached to the blue board (requires taking your Hypno out of the case)

By a twist of fate (since Hypno was almost entirely developed on Mac) Windows is currently a little easier to get working so it is recommended. Balena should helpfully recommend the correct driver or if not there is a link at the bottom of the page in the troubleshooting guide: Firmware - Sleepy Circuits

Mac is similar but may require some command prompt use at the moment since Balena’s support appears to be broken for CM4 in the current version (it used to just work without any of those steps for CM3)

Hi @SleepyRon yes I have CM4. I managed to install rpibook but after running it, itopens port and waits for connection, but when I connect Hypno nothing happens still waiting for: Waiting for BCM2835/6/7/2711…

I am sure everything is correct because hypno is in update mode, green light is fainted… switch is in ON position… I am using USB-C to USB-C cable to mac. Maybe this can be problem. Probably I will have to craft some bloody PC :slight_smile:.

For CM4 Please use the supplied USB cable for flashing and make sure youre using the inside port (the one attached to the blue CM4 carrier board.

USB-C to USB-C cables can work but they don’t always in my experience because USB-C is a complex spec and not always implemented thesame.