USB Video/Picture disconnect issue

Updated to firmware 2.2.3, a CM version.
When connecting a USB stick to the top USB Jack with adaptor the unit will see the drive after a minute, load a video and after about 2 seconds disconnect. So then the light blue colour mode is not available. I’ve tried with 2 USB keys formatted as ExFat.

Any way to resolve this issue?

Hey Magneticring.

I’m using OSX and formatted a usb stick as ExFat. It worked once on the Hypno and then never seemed to show again. Reformatting as Fat32 worked like a charm and shows up every time :slight_smile:

You able to give it a try with Fat32 and see if it cures it?

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Picked up troubleshooting this issue on chat w @magneticring . Hopefully we can solve it, ExFat should be working and I have used this format with success before so this is likely just some hardware quirk.

changing my USB keys to Fat32 did the trick for me