Usb video files flash uncontrollably

Hello, I am trying to load the default video that is placed after formating the usb with the hypno and when on ocilator b it flashes non stop is that normal? It also happens with any video encoded in mp4 in 720x480 using the fast preset on handbrake as well.

EDIT 1: i notice this only happens when streaming the video via NDI. is there a reason this would happen?

What is your current NDI configuration?

here they are in obs

Now it’s also happening without an ndi stream and only with certain files that worked previously including the cube test video. I wonder if the usb has anything to do with it.

Edit 2 i formated another usb that I’ve barely ever used that was a friends and the test face video works now without ndi again. I’ll add the thw other stuff back another time.

Edit 3: the problem is back, I don’t understand why this is happening my hypno is brand new from you guys.

Edit 4: it only happens when oscillator A is using an image/video loaded from the usb even after being formatted.

Here is a video of what I mean using the cube test file
Don’t watch if you have epilepsy!AqGyxd4yzbKQlTSmA1v8hiKhncaK

I got a capture card the avermedia libe gamer portable to record the output of the hypno and video loading works fine now with the test files and the winter files I’ll load more videos after work to test it out further. Hopefully it just works now with this setup.

Just checking in and seeing if those tests worked out or are you still experiencing the same issues?

Since i got the capture card the issue isn’t happening but i haven’t tested out ndi streaming since I’m using a capture card to record the output now.