Understanding some basics

Hello, I have a few questions about the basic functions of Hypno, which I would like to address here.
For starters, I am trying to create steady and straight lines. So I am setting the Polarization and Polar Modulation of the oscillators to zero (directly on Hypno and to cross check with a midi controller to display the actual values). This leads to the following questions:
1.) The lines are still bent around the center. Is it possible to have entirely straight lines and what could be the reason for me not getting there?
2.) The parameters sometimes flip, so the lines suddenly change from minimum polarization to about 50% polarization, w/o any manual changes (or patches). This may be due to contradicting values from the midi controller and the Hypno on board controllers, but also in other setups I fail to create steady pictures (especially for video input) - I cannot stop unsteady, even large jumps in parameters leading to sudden change in rotation, sizes or bends, which I might address again more specifically in a different post.

I hope this is the best way to address these questions. Thanks a lot in advance for any support. Cheers, Christof

Hey there, the line bending issue is something we had trouble with this batch on a limited number of units, I already have a fix for this and I will double check that it makes it into the latest firmware image and follow up.

Let’s try to debug without a midi controller to start because that may be causing your issue and I have no idea what your setup is there.

if you can isolate a specific sequence where these jumps happen with the engine please post some steps I can recreate to replicate your problem. (Please without a midi controller first) There’s a lot of stuff happening with the the page systems do midi and CV so I really need more info on this to be able to help out.

Hello Ron,
thanks a lot for your reply and offer to support. Happy to provide you any input you need.
(1) regarding the bent lines, this is simple to reproduce. Even if nothing attached, the lines are still crooked even when polarization is set to zero (another photo attached). Seems like I cannot reproduce the sudden jumps now, w/o midi or video input. So I suspect, Hypno is somehow jumping between the parameters of the internal control and the external if something is attached (maybe even the video sends signals interpreted as midi?). A parameter changed via external midi only remains constant for a certain time and might flip back to the “internal” control parameter after a while, if they differ. I will watch this to see if this comes back with nothing attached. Let me know if some evidence with a midi input, I can try to make a clip.
(2) Getting one step further, the jumping starts, as soon as I plug in even just an empty HDMI capture stick via USB adapter (seems identical to the one you use in your tutorial - as a first test I left the capture card empty to exclude other sources). See a clip here https://vimeo.com/495607930/037cf81893
The same happens, when I plug my iPhone into the capture card via an additional adapter to display photos or films. See a clip, especially the jumps around 30 seconds: https://vimeo.com/495613984/30bc9b7c02
(3) Adjusting a picture from an external source becomes nearly impossible. When I enter the video page to make a small adjustment, it seems the parameters jump directly to the parameters taken from the knobs in their new function, e.g. Aspect instead of Gain, Crop instead of rotation. After I try to correct, as soon as I let the buttons go again, the values jump back to the function of the knobs outside the video page. See https://vimeo.com/495613386/229fdc1545 where you can also see the picture jumping.

Hope this information helps. Let me know if you need anything more.

Cheers, Christof

Thanks for these, this is now a known issue I will be tackling in a new firmware patch.

Please direct further discussion about this Here: https://forum.sleepycircuits.com/t/cv-noise-issues-knob-jumping-on-2-0-6-knobs-pickup-position-after-leaving-page