Twitch embeds may be misconfigured in the forums

FYI when these forums take a Twitch link and attempt to create an embed, there’s an error in the console:

Twitch embed error message:
[NoParent] parent query string value was not specified

This may be a Discourse configuration setting. See for more information.

Here’s an example:

I will take look at this, from docs it appears the parent category is just the domain that is linking an iframe ( in this case"

BUT I was also unable to do an embed with an iframe so thats confusing :confused:

I will look into installing some plugin for this in the future since i just found this:

I did some poking around in the onebox ruby gem and Discourse source, which suggests that there’s a “global setting” called hostname that should probably be that may be configurable somewhere in Discourse. But, since I’ve never used Discourse, I can’t tell you how to do it!