Trouble undoing feedback frame set into oscillator

I am stuck with an issue after I set the feedback frame in either of the oscillators.
Starting point: E.g. if all buttons are in “red state” and I set the feedback frame in oscillator A, I get a very noisy background - I understand this corresponds to a very high feedback gain. When I set the gain to zero (with midi) the patterns repeat in the background, if there is an offset (but doesn’t go away), which is fine until here.
When I undo the feedback (pressing buttons, first 2 and 1 again), the offset seems to jump shortly, but the feedback patterns remain, even if offset etc. is set to zero. Changing feedback gain has no longer an effect. So there is no way back the original picture w/o feedback, unless I reboot the system. Am I missing something or is this an issue with my system?
Thanks in advance for any advice

I’m not very clear exactly whats going on in this situation can you post a video and steps to reproduce so i can understand what is happening vs your expectation?

Please also be aware the gain control has a pickup effect.

This sounds similar to an issue I was having where I had feedback, and no matter what presets I selected, the feedback would persist, even though the presets had no feedback when they were saved. It stopped after a reboot, but it was a weird issue. I haven’t seen it since.

Hello Ron,
after checking again, it occurs to me I might have misunderstand the function of the feedback, earlier:
In contrast to my previous assumption, I now understand the pattern replication becomes visible anytime when the feedback parameters like FB Zoom, FB Offset, FB Modulation etc. are not zero, even if the feedback is inactive (corresponding patchpoints are red), is this correct?
In that case, it seems sometimes impossible to set the FB parameters back so that the replication disappears back like in the original state (not only with but also with Midi when I set the parameters back to zero), after playing around with the parameters for a while. But this might require more practice on my behalf…
Cheers Christof

Hey Christof,

Do you have any of these issues/confusion when MIDI is entirely disconnected?

Hello Winston, yes, also without Midi. The issue is a bit difficult to reproduce. I am suspecting now that this is connected to the issue that the Pots pick up position of different pages - if you change a parameter in one page, parameters in other pages start jumping. This makes it very hard/impossible to reset any picture, and to get rid of feedback patterns, once created. Cheers Christof