The cyan shape only shows up for a moment before disappearing

Im attempting to load my own videos and images with a couple different usb drives, all formatted to fat32. I can get the cyan shape to show up for a moment but then it is gone and I cant access the drive. I did go through the file formatting / resizing that is suggested in the manual. Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong here?

This has happened to me with a USB HDMI converter, when I have had a bad USB cable between the Hypno and the device. I have also had some files on a drive that could not be read at all, and assume it would not register as if there was a drive if all of my files were improperly encoded. In my case I was able to narrow it down to just that – bad cable. If you have tested with different drives, I would think possibly it could be:

  • Similar – bad device/connection – have you got a hub or otherwise something between the drive and your Hypno?
  • Improperly encoded/resized files

For the latter, there’s really detailed instruction on the handbook: Manual - Sleepy Circuits