Suggestion for Eurorack modules

I would like to suggest something if it hasn’t already been proposed. The extra HDMI panel for the Eurorack version is a great thing, I think it also should extend the USB connection to it also. This would make adding video content much easier. There are some OEM panel mounted USB extension cables out there that would be perfect for this. All that is needed is an added hole.
I would also pay extra for a full integrated panel, one panel that contains all these features, instead of multiple panels. Alternate panels are an accepted thing in Eurorack and users are willing to pay more for convenience. I can understand the desire to not have a ton of different SKU’s and possible parts laying around in inventory, not being sold, so also understand if this never happens. I used to make Eurorack Modules under the name Synthwerks, so am familiar with the hassles of manufacturing.

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Hey there a USB panel expansion is coming very soon (I showed it at Superbooth). Though despite my attempts to fit it into just the 2 hp panel I have had to make it a second 2hp panel.


also just for clarity, I assume that the works alongside/ as well as the HDMI eurorack adapter?

Yes, the USB expander is out now, you can check it out here