Stuck and need help

Anybody know why I’m stuck on this screen- total noob and desperate for answers!:alien:

Hi, which version of the pi are you flashing the .img file onto?

Perhaps worth reflashing onto a different SD Card, maybe one with a larger size, I just flashed the updated firmware to a bigger card and had to do it twice.

First time didn’t quite boot for some reason.

Make sure to Download the right version of the firmware update, there are two, one for 3’s and another for pi4’s…

Flashing to pi3 a+ euro rack edition
Using 32 gb micro sd
Will try different bigger card for sure!
Thanks for insight!!!

Tried second time with a 200+gb micro and
:drum: success!!! Thank the tech lords and all their coding glory. Stay sleepy kids!!! Thanks for suggestion :alien::v:

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This actually looks like you may have accidentally flashed the PI4 firmware on to your card originally and youre trying to get it going on a PI3A+ so if you need that big SD for something else id try that image that has worked on the bigger card again on the smaller one.

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