Still making Eurorack version?

Hi, I noticed that the eurorack version of the Hypno no longer appears to be for sale. Has it been discontinued? Do any of these still exist for purchase (with the expander)?

Hey there @timezones

The no-pi kit and Euro support has been discontinued since we kept having issues with the HDMI expander ribbon being fragile and a few customers have messed up their pis because of not following our compatibility charts (which few people seem to read). New standalone customers (usually beginners to the world of synths) where also understandably often confused on which version to pick even though most of the time they just needed to simply buy the prebuilt.

Therefore I cant really wholeheartedly recommend the Eurorack config anymore and decided to just continue to sell the single prebuilt variant. We still have a few expanders in stock for the time being should you decide to grab one and swap out for a Pi3A+ but honestly I recommend just running Hypno next to your case. In my experience even people with very large racks end up running Hypno standalone in the long run and this avoids any potential jankiness with the expanders which where always a bit of a patch (they originally started as a customer DIY solution here on the forum).

Also on top of the increased support load, stocking the expanders/prebuilts greatly increases part counts we have to stock and after selling it for a few years I calculated we where losing money on these items so we will no longer be able to offer these.

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