Software match to recur

Hi everyone!

Just about to receive the hypno and I’m keen to run video in, recur seems awesome but I’m wondering if I could get away just using my old MacBook with OBS or some other software to save some time. Is it possible to just run straight from YouTube or do the clips need to be formatted appropriately as MP4 etc? Any advice in this is greatly appreciated, cheers!

I do HDMI out from my iPad dock into an HDMI capture dongle, play youtube full screen, works great. I play those live aquarium videos all the time for trying out new things.


what @dad said (this idea ofc works with most computers not only ipad)

Otherwise you also can rip your favorite youtube videos for use w/ a usb drive (convert them to 480p .mp4s via Handbrake, see manual for details about this).

FYI we have a few more quickguides coming up which will include more salient descriptions of USB drive file conversion and use.