Small case ideas

Hi everyone! I’ve got the prebuilt Hypno coming and would like to use it standalone, but have a case to keep it portable. I wonder if there are any simple solutions like a small wooden case etc. that might fit well. Thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:

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Hey RC, the Hypno comes in a 3d printed case which makes it a standalone tool. Far as I know you don’t need anything else!

If you need more room and “standalone” to you means in concert with some other eurorack-format modules… I quickly found that a couple utilities are helpful and I currently house my prebuilt Hypno in a 4ms Pod20 to include some extra functionality.


Oh sorry, I meant in terms of traveling with, taking to gigs, just a safety precaution for the knobs and whatnot. I think any simple wooden box would do but keen to know if there’s anything particular!

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Oh, understand! Sorry. I personally use a DJ case, which holds a MIDI controller additionally, and power cables, and has a tray for monitors, but that may be overkill for your needs. I’m not sure how small they come, but that category of case may be a good place to start looking.


4ms case mod (super easy)

I bought one of the little 4ms pods for my video rig and was planning to buy the 2hp DIY HDMI-IO thingie to have HDMI access (I even have the faceplate on order) when I realized how easy it would be to make tiny surgical cut in the (thin) side panel and fold open a little window for the cable access:

…now I can keep thee little two channel switch (handy!) instead of giving up the hp for HDMI!


Nice idea for the pod!