Sleepy isn't waking up anymore

Hey there,

I was happily fiddling with my Sleepy yesterday and while enjoying those colors it went to sleep and isn’t waking up anymore. At first I thought the powersupply died (I used a powerbank), but that wasnt the case. Sleepy isnt booting anymore and it is not recognized in balena. When I try to power it it up the right light shines in a faint green and the right fader lights up when put in the bottom position - but thats all. Did it fry an die or does anybody have a clue how to wake up a sleepy Sleepy?


What version of Hypno do you have? It may just need to the HDMI plugged in first before powering up.

Don’t give up just yet, it’s definitely possible to wake your Hypno back up.

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I have the old Version (CM3+ ?).
Tried that several times. Switched through some hdmi cables / monitors / usb cable and power adapter. Always the same result.faint green light but thats all. When the sleepy hypno is piwerd up, my beamer switches frim the stand by screen to “no hdmi signal”. So I guess something happens, but I do not know what it is. Right now its sleeping without any signs of waking up.

The one with the composite out on the front? I have heard of 1 user who ended up replacing the CM3 module with a new one and it managed to wake right up, no problem.

Perhaps if you’re up for it, find a new CM3+ module (32gb model) and pop that right in. Otherwise consider hitting up support and working out a repair ticket.

Yes, it is the version with the composite out in the front.
A new CM3+ is already ordered. Worth a try, in before ordering a new Hypno.
Thanks for your help!