Sleepy Circuits at Knobcon 2023 - (Paid) Volunteers needed

Hi All,

As Knobcon 2023 approaches, we’re looking forward to it here at Sleepy HQ. @SleepyRon will be attending and we’re looking for someone in the Chicago area who will be able to help out at the booth.

Admission to the 3 day event
20/hr pay for floor time (detailed shift schedule will be supplied/negotiated)
1x black sleepy hoodie

Knowledge of and experience with Hypno
Able to stand in a convention for hours and talk to a large number of people
Reliable transportation to and from the convention hotel

If you have interest, please message me!

Otherwise, If you’ll be attending Knobcon come say “Hi!” Sleepy Circuits will be at booth T3 and we look forward to meeting those attending the convention!

Thank you,
Sleepy Naomi

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I wish I was going to be in town for this weekend. I hope y’all found some folks to help out!