Sleepy Chat Is Online! (Now Via Matrix)

Edit: Chat now lives here!

We have switched away from rocketchat to matrix as an underlying tech since rocketchat was giving us a lot of trouble with authentication and crashing when uploading larger files (and whats a sleepy chat where you can’t upload videos?!?!?). Hope you like it!

Old Post Below…

Hey Sleepyheads!

I just set up a RocketChat instance for Sleepy here:

This chat should work with RocketChat’s mobile and desktop apps also.

You should be able to login with your credentials for this forum (no new account necessary).

I hope this stimulates some great conversation for the community and helps us support you guys better in the future!

Huge shoutout to cyberboy666’s great guide on how to make the Login SSO thing happen!

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Sounds great. Is there an android app? I managed to enter the chat without an app but would get the app if its there

Heres a link for the Android App

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As edited in OP sleepy chat has now been moved to matrix chat. Learn more about the protocol here.