Remappable MIDI controls for better Launchpad integration

Would it be possible to provide some way to remap the built-in MIDI controls?

I’m trying to load and save presets using a Launchpad controller in Lighting Mode (so that it can display animations on its 8x8 pad grid) but when in that mode, the pads can’t be remapped to send arbitrary MIDI notes, they’re fixed to specific note values.

This means that I lose 3 pads per octave to Shape and FB Mode toggles, even though there only really needs to be 3 pads in the entire range dedicated to those toggles.

Either way, I figured I’d ask here first before investigating alternative solutions to map Launchpad note values to more Hypno-friendly note values.


While I can’t help you with your remapping, I would very much like to see the results of your animations. I hope you will share! :slight_smile:

Can you set the Launchpad to a C-major scale in Lighting Mode, or is that only other modes? It has been a while.

Hmmn, I don’t see any way to customize the Launchpad when in lighting mode!

Would scale mode in C-Major work? – Notes and Scales Mode - Launchpad X // Novation - YouTube