Rek'n it on Fault Radio

I started a new streaming radio show on Fault Radio. “Rek’n it” features a guest Live performance or DJ with my live video synthesis visuals. The first episode features my DJ mix, and I’ve got a great list of guests coming up later this year.

The 001 episode with Dr. Rek premieres this Thursday March 18th at 6 pm PST on Fault Radio Twitch
Expect Braindance, Acid, Techno, House, & Disco in this mix

Here are some promotional clips from the show on my instagram

I’m not on facebook anymore, but here is the event too if that helps

The episode should be archived on their website sometime after the stream as well

Hypno shows up throughout my shows, but here is a photo of the rig:

Partially hidden in the back corner are a Roland V4ex, and Andrei Jay’s Autowaaave and Temporal Vortex, but the rest I think you can recognize.



<3 Fault Radio, def gonna try to catch this, hope Vinyl Dreams is doing ok also!

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Nice set! just caught it on the youtube: Rek'n It with Dr. Rek - YouTube

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