Red Hiccup Hypno

So tonight I have been having super fun testing out new ways to put a video into the Hypno. I have come across an issue a few times where when using the front panel, it just stops working and all lights go to red like it was powered off and back on.

I am using this UVC capture dongle from Adafruit to feed it a composite video signal from a camera. This seems to happen when I use the front panel. I am waiting on a different midi adapter to be able to talk correctly to the Hypno to see if it happens on midi.

Also I need to try my powered hub to see if that helps with any power issues too.

The dongle stops working and will not allow a replug. I have to reboot Hypno to get it to show up. Could this be a dongle overheating? A power Drop out?

I have Hypno by itself in a 4ms Pod case and it has a 15volt 3amp supply.

I love what I can make happen with the Hypno so far and want to start using it in performance.

Suggestions and Ideas are welcome.


Hey @KAM, what version of the firmware are you running? If you haven’t already, make sure you’re using the latest version here.

Am I understanding correctly that the Hypno “crashes” and reboots sporadically while using a USB capture device, while powered via Eurorack? Are there any other devices connected? Does this ever occur without the capture device? Have you also tested it with USB power? What’s happening on the output of Hypno when this occurs?

I would double check to make sure all of your power cables are properly and firmly seated, both the eurorack ribbon and the power supply for the case.

If it’s possible, record a video of setup and the issue and share it with us.

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I will try and sit down tonight and do some hunting. As always thank you for the awesome support and we will figure this out I am sure.


I put it in one of the little 4ms pod cases and it turns out the bad power supply the dealer sent looks to be the culprit. I am going to reach out and see if they can send me a different supply. Might have a lemon.


That would make sense!