Recording Hypno

hello, I’m all the time figuring out what would be the best settings to record my hypno footage in OBS or should I just go with an external recorder like an atomos? Hope to hear from you.
All the best, charlie

Hey Charlie, welcome to the forum.

What are you trying to achieve when you’re recording Hypno? I’ve personally always gotten along fine with recording in OBS, but I can see the advantage of using an external recorder if fussing with a computer is more than you want to deal with each time inspiration strikes.

As far as OBS settings go, I generally use the “Indistinguishable quality, large file size” setting in the Settings->Output menu when I’m recording something for a release or commission. If it’s just going up on social media or similar, then “High quality, medium file size” usually works fine. In either case I would play with those settings and see what works best for you in terms of filesize and output quality. You could also go lossless if you have an insane amount of storage space :slight_smile: