Recommendations for portable monitors?

I’m doing visuals for events using the hypno and one thing I think I need is a portable monitor I can use via splitting off the hdmi, since staring off at the projector screen feels pretty clunky when making adjustments compared to looking at a screen right next to my control surface.

I tried a random portable monitor off amazon, but it got an issue with not being able to support a resolution as low as the Hypno’s output, I figure before I go through the buy-test-return process again, I want to ask, has anyone got a portable monitor they confirmed works for this?

I use this one. It worked in landscape mode straight out of the box.

I made a sturdy cardboard box enclosure for it out of the original packaging. It looks and works great.


Here’s the cheap-o one I bought:

I went a different route than @uglymule did with the enclosure and just allow my display to flop around carelessly and hope I don’t hit it with a drumstick.

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You out-cheapo’ed me.

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un cheapo yourself and get the color pro, trust:

The oled makes some sweet colors w Hypno these are my main conference demo station displays.

I’m using a Changingtouch monitor, which is 14 inches in size and has a 60Hz refresh rate. What intrigues me the most is its laptop-like appearance. Surprisingly, it’s priced at just $200