Recalling presets missing parameters

Hi there, i recognized that when recalling presets some parameters seem not to be set accordingly (or not saved correctly, cannot say which it is)

for example very often, the value of the feedback pot is not correct.

any ideas?

i am saving the presets with my keystep pro.

So some of these missing parameter saves are bugs being worked on by Ron.

The ones I know of:

  • Individual hue parameters for each oscillator (master hue seems to save?)

  • Drift / Y offset parameters

  • Self mods and some other parameters resetting when adjusting another parameter (forget exactly what one’s so my bad not detailing this)

Another part I know that causes an issue in regards to feedback:
Loading a saved patch or turning on the unit while a patch cable is plugged into feedback cv input. If it is set and saved for master hue modulation instead this doesn’t happen, but if it is set to feedback then when you load up the patch / turn the unit on, it creates some type of permanent offset that applies to every patch loaded thereafter.

I’m really looking forward to the release of new firmware to address these bugs. Until then you just gotta work around them!

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awesome to know. i hope updating isn’t to hard and doesn’t require that hidden usb connection which is blocked by the other connections on the back