Raspberry Pi Stock Locator

With Hypno DIY Kits arriving shortly, I wanted to bring attention to a great tool Sleepy Ron found to locate Raspberry Pis in-stock → https://rpilocator.com


  • Hypno DIY is Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ and 4B compatible.
  • The 4B has several RAM options. They all work, so try to find the most affordable one. There is no advantage of buying a higher RAM model (>2GB) for use with the Hypno.
  • 3A and 3A+ are also compatible, although we do not yet offer an enclosure for these variants.
  • Pi Zero, Compute Modules (aka CM) and other Pis not listed above are not compatible with Hypno DIY.
  • See the Hypno DIY Kit Assembly Guide for more info
  • Order a Hypno DIY Kit