Raspberry Pi Stock Locator

With Hypno DIY Kits arriving shortly, I wanted to bring attention to a great tool Sleepy Ron found to locate Raspberry Pis in-stock → https://rpilocator.com


  • Hypno DIY is Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ and 4B compatible.
  • The 4B has several RAM options. They all work, so try to find the most affordable one. There is no advantage of buying a higher RAM model (>2GB) for use with the Hypno.
  • 3A and 3A+ are also compatible, although we do not yet offer an enclosure for these variants.
  • Pi Zero, Compute Modules (aka CM) and other Pis not listed above are not compatible with Hypno DIY.
  • See the Hypno DIY Kit Assembly Guide for more info
  • Order a Hypno DIY Kit

Who thinks this will eliminate supply problems?


From the prospectus:

The Company expects to receive net proceeds of £23,630,002 (or $30,063,615) from the sale of the New Shares (excluding the payment of any discretionary commissions). The Company intends to apply the net proceeds received towards engineering capital expenditure, to develop its supply chain resilience, and for other general corporate purposes.