Raspberry pi 5?

Hey everyone,

I know nothing is officially announced on this, but has anyone tried a raspberry pi 5 with their hypno? Or do they know if it is possible to use one? I have a cm4 version of the hypno.

With the performance upgrades over the older raspberry pi units, I’m curious to know if the increase in specs and Vulkan abilities would help in terms of frame rate performance on my hypno unit.

The team here at Sleepy Circuits has not had a chance to try Hypno with the new Raspberry Pi5. As we work on the latest firmware revision, we will be testing it and older versions of the firmware on the new platform. Until then, we can’t provide direct support for Hypno running on the new hardware.

Can confirm is it not as simple as taking the 4 out and slapping a 5 in.

Hopefully one day there is growth into the pi5 :slight_smile:

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