Questions regarding preset & feedback mode changes (mod not saving and mod reset on fb mode change)

A quick question to the official nap counselors (or if anyone else can help answer it):

  • When I have I make a preset (saved to a MIDI note) with an image or video loaded and there is just a slight scroll/movement to the image, it does not appear to save these settings (most, but not all).
  • When changing feedback modes when having an image or video loaded as a shape also causes some of the other settings to “reset”, e.g. the slight scroll to the image stops when hitting the feedback button, causing me to have to rework some of the settings

p.s. this thing is amazing.

Hey @astropalace

Presets should save modulation state and even the time point when the preset was saved so it restarts from the exact spot you saved it. I can test this out and see if I can recreate it.

For the second point; there is a reset of the mods when a video is loaded in for the first time, perhaps thats getting in the way of what youre after. Feedback modes should not be effecting this though so this is sounding like a bug also.

Is the second also when using MIDI? Might be some nuance I missed when fixing that up in the last patch.

BTW for bug reports can you please reply to the thread that addresses the firmware version directly? That way I have it all on one place when jumping into development again and have a nice history of what firmware version the reports refer to. Hypno 2.3-Release