Presets available on Hypno?

Hi there!
In the " How to Use Hypno With OBS" video, around the 2:40 mark, there is some kind of button combo that leads to a preset, but I could not find any mention of these on the manual.
Any kind soul can give further clarity?


Presets may be accessed via holding two buttons and

  • holding the third to save that slot
  • taping the third to recall that slot

There are 3 presets on the panel, one for every button.

This is the video quickdemo I have up on insta describing this feature:

Oh damn it really isn’t in the manual! Whoops…

EDIT: Description is now in the manual!

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Thank you very much, that revamp of the manual is great, and the Patch-Along Tutorials are the cherry on top!!

With the latest firmware you can also hook up a MIDI keyboard (with one of these adaptors) and hold a key to save a new preset with a short press of the same key being recall. This opens up the possibility for a lot more presets. Note that all F#, G# and A# keys will not be available preset slots and instead will control the three buttons (Shape A, Feedback Mode, Shape B) on the front of the Hypno.