Power over HDMI

Hey there,

I recently purchased a hdmi splitter for my hypno and… well I had no idea that “power over hdmi” was a thing.

Now my hypno is powered but… I wonder if it’s enough?
I plugged it in with the usb as well to be safe, I also hoped it would maybe deactivate the power over hdmi but apparently not as my unit got hot before crashing.

Luckily no lasting damage has happened and it works fine without the splitter… however I want to use my splitter. Do you think the power over hdmi is enough to run the unit properly? And I can just get rid of the usb power?

Is the HDMI splitter powered? I use a cheap MT-VIKI 1x4 HDMI splitter that is AC powered and it works fine, so I’m not sure if it needs its’ own power source or not.

The splitter is powered though I think I see some performance loss if I use just the power over hdmi.

I’ve had it crash 3 times with the powered hdmi, with or without a usb c also powering it.

I should try a different splitter

Power over HDMI is not confirmed or supported by Sleepy Circuits, we advise you to use USB-C power and a different HDMI splitter to avoid damage to your hardware.

The power over an HDMI cable, by spec, is rated at only 50mA. It is designed solely to provide power to the HDMI circuitry in the Sink end so that the handshaking during the initial connection works (the Sink sends back data to the Source about the Sink’s capabilities). Some vendors exceed the available current drain from the Source, but the bottom line is to never power any external device from the 5 Volt line in the HDMI cable. Even with HDMI 2.1b, they did not enhance that aspect of the specifications.