Power issues hdmi

Hi all,

Just got the prebuilt hypno and tried using the supplied USB to power HDMI to my tv. Only one light dimly lit green and I got boot starting code on the screen. I tried powering it from a pretty basic power strip with USB plugs…could I have underpowered the pi? Is there a standard power level it needs? Would really appreciate trying to fix this as I got it shipped to Thailand and the costs were very high, so shipping back isn’t really an option. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

edit I tried a proper pi power supply I use with a norns shield pi 3 or 3+, also tried flipping the update switch on the board up and back to the down position. Still get a faint green light.
edit thanks to anyone who provided feedback/documents online, I’m still adjusting to pi/computer-based stuff and embarrassingly forgot that like any computer it takes a moment to load! Trying to be extra careful as I read manuals/plug things in correctly with all this euro madness. Cheers! So excited to have the hypno! :slight_smile:

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Ah! So it all worked out? Thanks for your patience!

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Thank you for all the detailed support! The info about the faint green light in the docs made me overly cautious I had used the wrong power/outlet etc., so I was too quick to unplug before it being so clear that it just needed to boot up like any computer. Looks great on the HDMI tv! Cheers, hope it’s ok to keep asking questions/sharing experiences!

Of course!

Enjoy your Hypno!

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