Power Cycling Hypno Troubleshooting

Hi all, I got my Hypno for Christmas a love it, I’ve been wanting to get into video synths for a bit and it seems great. I’m running into two problems, though. 1) It seems to be crashing a lot. 2) The webcam feed keeps cutting out.

It crashes with or without a webcam connected. It seems to crash more frequently with a webcam. I’ve tried a Logitech HD Pro C920 and an older Logitech 720P camera I can’t find the model number. I’ve tried different USB A to Micro converters, different cables connected to the power, different wall warts. Same problems each time: frequent crashes and reboots of the Hypno, and the webcam cutting out often.

Here’s a picture of the setup

Hi there sorry about that, does the Hypno reboot when the crash happen? (Show the rainbow screen and restart)

Or does the engine return to console on crash and remains powered?

The former means the power setup is the issue, the latter means that there’s a bug in the firmware somewhere.

I’m going to guess it’s a power issue if you see a difference between cameras (cameras consume additional power from Hypno)

Please use the supplied usb cable with at least a 2A DC power block.

All usb cables are NOT created equal, longer cables cause voltage drops and may cause your Hypno to do this rebooting thing especially under load with peripherals.

This length of cable that I ship is as long as you can go for supplying power to Hypno.

Is there a good way to measure if I’m getting enough power from the cable? Also, is there anything on the included cable to help me identify which it is? I sort of put it in my box of a million USB Micro cables, so it will take some digging to figure out. I’ll see if I can find some higher power power blocks, most of what I can find are the smaller ones which are probably lower power.

It usually reboots when it crashes, the rainbow screen shows up, then the boot up text shows up, which sounds like a power issue.

It does often seem to hang, it becomes non-responsive to the knobs on the device. The video signal cuts out often, too.

Somehow it stabilized a bit more yesterday. I swapped the webcam out for an HDMI to USB Capture card, and I swapped to a different USB micro cable. It still was flakey earlier, but I did have it running stable long enough to get a video of it all working

OK, the power supply seems to have been the problem. I switched cables and it’s been stable for a while now.

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