Post your video rig!

I just got done re-building my video rig so I figured I’d share a pic. Add your own set up pics and feel free to describe your setup, including how you use Hypno.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the gear I’m using:

  • Sleepy Circuits Hypno
  • LZX eurorack modules (roughly 400hp)
  • audio eurorack modules
  • LZX Vidiot
  • BPMC Fluxus Duo
  • Syntonie CBV001
  • Panasonic WJMX-30
  • Panasonic WJMX-70
  • Sima SFX-M
  • RPi running r_e_c_u_r
  • RPi running Andrei Creative Coding apps
  • A gang of CRT monitors
  • A couple oscilloscope/XY monitors
  • Samsung DVDR357
  • Extron scan converters
  • Laptop

I generally do a mixture of HDMI or composite out from Hypno and feed that into my modular or video mixers. I convert Hypno to analog using various methods, which I’ll talk about in a separate upcoming thread!

Let’s see your rigs, y’all


Got a Hypno in the rack with some LZX and Brownshoesonly and BPMC. Plus my audio gear. Out of frame there’s a little GE CRT monitor and a Pelco security cam for feedback and an RPi that I swap Waaaavessss and r_e_c_u_r in. Got a V4, an AVE5, a 3trins and a few other doodads around as well. Oh and a Tek 1730 I got from Winston. :slight_smile:


lol i forgot about that thing :sweat_smile:

What BPMC unit are you using? Been looking at the Fluxus Duo recently.

I’m using the Fluxus Duo. It’s cool. I like the glitchy textures it adds. Tho it doesn’t get along well with the Hypno. Seems to be a sync issue. But that’s not really a problem fro me 'cus Hynpo isn’t usually what I want to be glitching.

I found the most interesting results came from using Hypno + another video, dirty mixed in the Fluxus. Works best if the two signals are in sync, but asynchronous is also cool.

Mind the Mess, and the holes in my eurorack case. I use Remixvideo by Mixvibbes, a VJ software to input video into the Hypno. I use a digital video converter to send my video to my laptop to record on OBS. And Flat Eric judges my video mixes menacingly.

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