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I’m loving my Hypno and just installed the latest firmware (2.2.3) I looked at the new manual but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to change the number of sides to the new Poly shape as mentioned in the email: “The Square shape has been replaced with the new poly shape. Poly can still be a square, but now it can be a triangle, an octagon, a 27-sided beast and much more by adjusting the number of sides.” Or maybe, I’m misunderstanding what this actually does…

Will you be adding some new quick tutorials on this and the other new features?
Cheers, Marika

Great question! Yes we will be making more quick-guides about these features in the future.

For now, check out the last page of the manual.

Say you have Poly (yellow) on Shape A (left side). Hold the left-most shape button and the center feedback button while turning the right-most knob to adjust the number of sides. Turn this knob all the way down at first so the effect is obvious.

While using this button combination you can also adjust the sliders for cropping and the center knobs for luma-keying.

It is the same process for Shape B but mirrored.


Ah, I get it now - so much fun! Thanks for the quick reply


Happy to help! It is really a great new feature. Have fun with it!

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Yes please a MIDI CC for poly shape :slight_smile:

EDIT I found out through experimentation that the video a/b CCs adjust this and other parameters of the Poly shape…

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