Pi 3 A + Eurorack hypno set up

I have a few questions , im sorry if they are answered elsewhere , i have had a look but theres lots of different combos of things and its confusing.
i would like hypno in eurorack with the hdmi breakout… and have got the kit today. i have a pi 3 A+ as instructed for eurorack use… ( i also have a pi 4 but want to eurorack so i cannot use it correct? )

does the pi 3 A + just go on the pins on the back of the pcb and it will stay there in the eurorack case?
i cant find any instruction for that part…

the power header fixing ive done… the hdmi breakout and cable is together, the sd card that came with the kit… will it work with a pi 3 A+ or do i need to flash it with the pi 3 firmware?.. and if i flash it do i lose the added video packs that may be on it?

is there a way to view the firmware version on the card with a pc?

if i want to change the vid files on the card i have to take the module out of the eurorack case and change the sd card right? though im guessing its feasible to breakout the usb to a diy 2 hp i could make right?

Cheers, looking forward to using the Hypno.

EDIT :- I got it working and its amazing!
ive ordered a usb breakout and will try midi control with my blackbox soon.

Great to hear you got it working, please let us know if you run into any issues