Oops, I did it again, new projection mapping project for 2022

Hey everyone! Here is a new projection mapping project I did for 2022. Visuals and music by me. Hope everyone enjoys. I used Sleepy Circuits Hypno, TouchDesigner, and After Effects for the visuals on this.


Wow! I am glad you are at it again! Looks great! I would love to hear a bit more about your process here!

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Thanks Brian!

I start by making a few kaleidoscopic fractals and recording them through NDI. I either record into TouchDesigner, or just the Quicktime record feature. I make the kind of fractals that kind of collapse on each other and look for a point that makes a (relatively) seamless loop and trim to that in After effects or Quicktime.

The organization I’m doing the projection map with gives me an image of the building I’m projecting on. I use that plus the “define edge” TOP in TouchDesigner and a radial fractal to create the outline of the building. Then I create a bunch of layers with the self collapsing fractal loops I created earlier and assemble them using different blending styles: overlay, screen, add, difference etc… in various places on the building, and adjust to taste.

The music I made in iMPC Pro and Ableton. It’s mostly DJ sample packs and construction kits.

Oh. I did a bunch of “posterize time” in AfterEffects too, and slowed the frame rate way down. Sometimes to 6fps. This gives it the animation feeling. Otherwise its too spazzy. Like your brain can’t even process the image you are seeing otherwise.