November 2020 Shipping update?

Helloooo HypnoWorld! I am excited to join the final family of Hypo owners! Could those of us who are awaiting shipment get an update on the current production run of Hypno units?


Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

We recently moved manufacturing from China to the United States in the hope that it would speed up production by cutting out overseas shipping times and delays caused by customs. Unfortunately, our first run in the United States has been challenging. The batch that is currently being manufactured in the U.S. began production in late September. We expected the batch to be completed in mid-October, but production has been significantly delayed, first by the wildfires in the northwest, then by some key-components failing to be delivered, and most recently due to manufacturing error. Unfortunately, this is par-for-the-course as a small hardware company like us. Making boutique devices is incredibly challenging and there are often unforeseen roadblocks and delays. I assure you that we are doing everything we can to set up a consistent and reliable supply chain and prevent any major delays from plaguing us in the future. We will get better, I promise. Trust me, I want this next batch of Hypnos to arrive quickly as much as you do.

For those with pre-orders currently in our system (as of this posting) we expect for your Hypno to arrive at our office sometime next week, at which point we will distribute them as quickly as we can put them into their boxes and mail them out.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and support during this challenging time.

I will post updates here if anything develops further.


Thank you for the update! Much appreciated. I hope your manufacturing shop smooths out the process soon!

Pre-orders are going out this week. We also plan to stock our retailers this week (Control and Perfect Circuit).