Noise (static, audio) still coming from hypno module

So my hypno module was sent back as a part of the recall, and now the video is more stable but I’m still getting a fair amount of static when I plug the hypno into my modular gear (the Moog Matriarch, mainly). All of my gear is on the same circuit / outlet so I don’t think it’s an issue of having uneven grounds.

Is anyone else having this issue? Or @SleepyRon do you have any ideas? I thought that issue would get fixed with the recall but it seems that it’s a separate problem.

Thats correct the recall was to do with video noise/jitter,

We are currently trying to accumulate info about any noise issues in this thread

Please try the troubleshooting steps there and follow up on that thread. We have had other users use the matriarch with Hypnos i believe but I’m not sure as to their experience with noise.

Since Hypno can be powered in many different ways with different gear it can be quite challenging to help in this matter. (In my experience with modular some devices straight up just don’t like each other in eurorack and i have gotten rid of noise issues just by shuffling modules/plugs.)

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I’ll check out the thread, and yes I’m going to try powering the hypno from different sources to see if I can get the sound issue to subside. If anything, in the live setting that sort of buzz isn’t so bad (it’s pretty subtle). Thank you!

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