No lights on the front

hello all. when I plug up my hypo the lights on the back come on but not on the front. any help?

Pi not completely plugged in to Hypno?

It is. I’ve checked. The lights on the back of the Hypno are on but not the front. And I’ve tried contacting support but that’s like beating a dead horse.

Good news. I heard from the boss man and he knew just what to do. He walked me step by step and within a hour it was ready to go. Super nice guy.

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Would you care to share the solution?

Yoyo, note from the horse: there was an issue where Hypno versions <= 2.3 where that version of Raspberry PI OS was too old to run on the new batch of PI3A+ 2022 revision because they swapped out a component or something.

The latest version of 2.4 has solved this so if your new PI3A+ is not working please try the new image!