New user. can't get unit to boot up?

hi all.

so I just my my hypno back home and I can’t get the unit to boot up. Powered via 2amp usb supply using included cable. connected to TV via hdmi. unit powers up, runs though a startup page with some code, then gets stuck on a line. it repeats with variation every few seconds but won’t get past it. it’s a string of numbers which vary by line, then rc.local [407]: [ WARN: 0 global /home/pi/lib/opencv/modules/videoio/src/cap_v41 . cpp (890) open VIDEOIO (V4L2: / dev/video0) : can’t open camera by index.


ps- buttons on unit are all red, but I can cycle though the colors by pushing them. nothing on screen changes other than a new line of code each second or so.

Welcome to the forum @elicascalles, sorry about the trouble. I see you have also written us an email about this but I got to this thread first so let just continue here for now.

I have seen this a few times before with certain TVs, unfortunately I havent yet been able to reproduce this in person. (FYI that error line just means that there is no UVC input detected, this is ok in this case it pops up continuously bc Hypno continuously checks if anything new has been plugged in.)

In your situation it appears that the engine is actually booting ok in the background (the LED changes would indicate things are working ok in the background) but for some unknown reason cant get a picture. My current working theory is that there are some TVs that have settings that dont behave well with the display initialization.

Can you pease share the specs of your TV? (Manufacturer, Model number, resolution modes/refresh rates) I will add it to my list to see if I can solve this elusive incompatibility. (Currently thiking it has something to do with 4k tvs bc last time it was a 4k tv that was doing this exact thing)

In the meantime can you please see if youre able to get the Hypno going on a different display or USB capture card?

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to reiterate @SleepyRon , I have had this problem trying to use a small lcd tv. Not sure what the model is atm, but hypno works fine on my LG through hdmi. I freaked out as well with all the booting code but your hypno sounds a-ok, just a matter of getting the right screen paired up! :slight_smile:

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hi! ok great thank you! I’ll run down another display to test with and try it via composite as well. I’lll post with the results thanks!

Yeh that appears to be the-same problem, please let me know specs and display modes of TVs that aren’t working so I can try to see if can finally reproduce this.

@elicascalles dont remember ur unit version but; composite should be working easily on pi3/cm3 but plz be aware that there are a few extra steps to get that working on pi4 hardware (documented in the manual)


hi ron thanks I’lll get you the specs on the TV that isn’t working. it’s a small 24" lcd that was super cheap off brand. not sure how i check what unit version of hypno I have but I did just get it from you a couple weeks ago if that helps with identification. either way I’ll check the manual re - composite out, but the end goal is to use with HDMI. we just ordered some hdmi-cat 6 converter/extenders and and hdmi slpitter to try to split the hypno signal and distribute it to multiple projectors. the next trick will be to figure out how to send some sort of cv/gate signal from an acoustic drum set to the hypno to allow for some basic syncing for non electronic sets. fun!!! thanks again for this amazing litttle box of crazy magic. we had some guys provide visuals for our show last night and it was amazing, but they had to lug in half a truck load of vintage mixers and cameras and crts and glitch bent circuit boxes etc. so excited to get the hypno integrated into the live shows. cheers!

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I haven’t had a chance to find another display yet to test the hypno, but I wanted to share the model of display that I have that ins’t working with an hdmi connection in case that’s useful info for you. it’s an LG 24MT48DF-SU 24" lcd. cheers

I think i see the issue here this monitor has a default 1366 x 768 pixel resolution which is less common and I don’t have any displays with this resolution in my testing. I will try to see if i can figure out why this resolution isn’t starting up correctly and see if i can come up with a fix.

Btw in the meantime if you are trying to set up a show urgently you could just get/borrow a cheap composite to hdmi box to use the composite out on the front w your HDMI display (assuming you have the prebuilt-cm3 version of hypno with the composite jack on the front, otherwise there are a few extra steps to get composite out).

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hi ron. thanks! I was able to get the hypno working fine on another display so all is well. I’m not sure which version I have but yes it is a prebuilt/enclosed unit and there is a composite out on the front among the cv jacks. and thanks for the suggestions re compositte to hdmi, but there is no great urgency and my super old projectors don’t even have HDMI inputs (I’m getting some new projectors soon!). rando question for you video pros, the old projectors I have are either composite or vga inputs. is there any reason why I would bother with hdmi-vga conversion vs just composite? thanks!!

Ah great glad you could get it going! Using HDMI->VGA should give you a slightly better color depth I believe. Though some people like the look of the composite tho so its also kinda preference tbh.

Honestly just run whatever you got on hand, its prob just fine :slight_smile:

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