New Prebuilt Connections Question

I just got a pre-assembled Hypno and the connections don’t match any of the documentation or videos. I’ve searched the forums and read the manual (multiple times) + watched every video I can find on the unit but nothing matches.

I have no idea what connects to this right side opening. It doesn’t look like any connector I’ve ever seen. Have I overlooked something in the documentation?

The backside is pretty obvious.

There are no openings on the left side.

I’m also confused about the power supply. The manual says to use a 5w 3a supply. Will the product linked below work. I don’t want to damage this unit.

edit: my confusion over the power supply was a borderline idiot question. I realize that any 5w 3a minimum power source will work. My iPad power cube should do the job.

yet another edit: I just looked at the backside of my iPad power cube and it specifies output of 5v 3a or 9v 2a. Can anyone tell me if this is safe to use?

I swear to all the gods that I’ve spent the past few weeks viewing and re-viewing all the support info on this unit. Could someone please offer me clarity on the right side opening?

This stack exchange post says that the iPad power cube can be used with a Raspberry Pi 4. The only problem would arise with early Pi4 models which didn’t conform to USB C spec and would require a non-e-marked cable. The charger would not present an issue but the wrong cable would.

pi 4 - Can I use an Apple USB-C power supply on a RPi4? - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange.

I’d really appreciate a response as I’m absolutely dying to connect this up and start fiddling around with the provided video pack and Hypno manual controls in order to get fully oriented before connecting to my Digitakt.

Hooty hoo Hypno fans! I found a PSU in my box of rando PSU’s and cables and it works! This is going to be a fun evening. Still kind of curious about the right side opening and what those cryptic looking pins are for.

Monkey Drivers

FWIW, this is the PSU. I use an identical one to power my x-stand short stack (Yamaha Reface CP + Arturia MiniFreak + Digitakt + Sipario MIDI router + MG06 mixer). I might finally have a use for the MIDI tracks on my Digitakt!!! Gonna start slow with nothing but manual controls until I grok the Hypno in its fullness.

The short answer regarding the hole on the right hand side of the case is that the hypno can be set up with different versions of the raspberry pi inside. The prebuilt one you have is made with a raspberry pi “CM” (Compute Module). Other versions of the raspberry pi have different port arrangements, including hdmi output on the side instead of the top end. The case is designed to work with any of a number of different raspberry pi models, but unless you change the one that is inside yours you don’t really need to worry about the weird holes or cryptic looking pins.

Hope that helps!