Need help getting hypno working

Hello just got Hypno today. I tried connecting the hypno to my pc (it doesn’t read it.) I try to manually install the driver with the provided tutorial about the mod-mdis driver, I can’t find it under there either. I tried to get OBS to see NDI and that didn’t work either. I tried watching videos on the SleepyCircuits youtube and noticed that my hypno is slightly different from the one in the videos. Mine doesn’t have a usb power or the video jack on the front panel. I did find the usb power. I guess the 3.5mm jack in the lower center can do video somehow? So I’m very confused right now, I really need help.

Have you tried hooking the Hypno’s HDMI out to a television?

The Hypno needs a 2A 5V power source. You can use an iPhone or iPad charging cube with a cable into the Hypno usb-c. Forget about the computer for now and just power it up (hook up the HDMI cable to the tv first) and then start messing with the Hypno controls and watch what happens!

Warning: You’ll be delighted immediately and then you’ll get extremely confused. This is normal. Start watching all the sleepy short videos while playing with the unit. You’ll get less confused with time.

I didn’t realize it was mini HDMI, so i ordered a cable yesterday so i can try it out when it arrives.

I got my mini hdmi cable and got it to work with my tv. It is indeed very fun to play with. I just really wanted to get it working with my computer/obs because it would be much easier to record the video.


You might need a capture card to do that.

This guy’s video will get you going.
Just follow along with your Hypno.

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