Nebula Mars II Projector with Hypno Troubleshooting

Hi I’m having trouble getting my portable Nebula Mars II projector to recognize the hdmi signal from the hypno. I got the hypno to work with the tv, and using the same hdmi cable I was able to get the Nintendo Switch recognized by the Nebula instantly when plugging it in, but going from the hypno to the nebula it searches for a while and then says no hdmi signal. I tried every other hdmi cable I own and nothing. The nebula’s troubleshooting guide says to try adjusting the resolution and refresh rate on the device sending the signal so it matches the nebulas resolution and refresh rate. Having trouble finding the refresh rate for nebula and the hypno. Though I’m not too optimistic that find that info will result in a solution. Please help :slight_smile:

What are the nebula’s supported resolutions?

If the cable is not able to recognize the resolution automatically, the HDMI plug is likely wired wrong on screen end,

Resolution settings on Hypno’s end can be forced, but this is not enabled in Hypno at the moment since I haven’t come across a screen it didn’t automatically work with. (Even with VGA adapters)

I have something similar wiring hdmi out with a coupler to an old beamer… i just went fr the lower res in the end…

The nublua says its 1280x720p.

Do you actually mean that the cable is recognizing the resolution? I didn’t know the cable could do that.
Do you mean the HDMI plug as in the hardware that is part of the projector or do you mean the cable is wired wrong?

What is the resolution and refresh rate of the Hypno HDMI out?

What are the specs for the kind of HDMI cable I should be using?

The screen communicates its desired resolution via the cable to the Hypno.

Hypno then displays the resolution it wants, Hypno supports all resolutions up to 1080p since its just runs Linux internally. So if a cable asks for it properly it should display ok.

If using a different HDMI cable doesn’t help then we may need to try to force the resolution for this setup, but it may be a little while before I have time to write my own tutorial for this due to holiday.

Also please make sure the HDMI is plugged in first before powering Hypno.

You may also look up if anyone has had trouble with this projector and other RaspberryPi boards (Hypno is based on the compute module which is a RaspberryPi product)

There you may find the tutorial for forcing a resolution with raspberry pi, which should work for Hypno just fine. ( the compute module’s storage becomes accessible via the computer when etcher initializes it, I believe the procedure involves changing the text file or something along those lines)

@Winston I know you’ve done some experimenting with forcing resolutions on Hypno, any ideas for how to get it working with this projector properly?

sorry to reopen a thread, but I’m having the same problem with an Anger Nebula Capsule projector as well. It accepts most video signals, the only ones its rejected so far are my PS2 which is outputting a very odd format, and the Hypno. I tried using my ATEM Mini as a buffer because that’s supposed to standardize the signal being sent but that still had issues. I was able to get my camera plugged through the Atem to work but the Hypno still wouldn’t. I’m wondering if maybe it has something to do with video drivers that Anker is using.

Sounds like this projector wants a 720p signal. You could try forcing Hypno to that resolution by changing the config text.