MIDI mod sources - Looking for solutions

My life is full of rabbit holes, and eurorack is so far NOT one of them :slight_smile: Save for this Hypno and a few other synths which are CV capable but not necessarily built around it like a modular would be.

I’ve so far been using a Hydrasynth as a mod source for its ENVs and LFOs over MIDI, and this seems to work well, but like most synth based LFOs, everything is centered around zero. If I want offset (bias), I can build a curve using step values and slew (smoothing) to modulate a param between a couple of known values, but all in all it’s clunky.

So this is a 2 part question:

  1. Is there any possibility for a flexible NRPN implementation on Hypno to appear in a forthcoming FW release?
  2. Are there any inexpensive (sub-$200ish) modules or other stand-alone gear (trying to keep computers out of it if possible) that can generate functions (over MIDI) which aren’t centered around the Y axis?

Share your thoughts please!

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I use the Midihub by Blokas, it has midi LFO generators which can be used to offset an incoming cc value. Giving you the possiblity of creating more complex waveforms by stacking LFOs.

It requires a computer to set up the midi modifiers but then operated without one.


The only hardware devices I’m personally aware of with MIDI LFOs that can offset are Elektron machines. I use a Digitakt with my Hypno. There may be others, but this is an area I haven’t explored much. I do wish there were more choices out there because MIDI LFOs are really dang handy.

Not sure if NRPN is really widely used enough to implement but you can always drop the idea in our feedback thread

Yeah I am not planning to add any NRPN (nor do I really see the advantage of this over basic MIDI tbh its already cryptic enough imho).

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Thanks for the feedback, gents. In the meantime I’ve gone looking around for some on my own and may end up biting the bullet and using a midiLFO on iPad.

I think the advantage of NRPN is more granularity for small variations in values. ie more control, less steppy-ness.

Ah! Ok yeah good point, but honestly I think I would sooner support OSC for this purpose since a lot of other computer video things use this standard over midi (Touch Designer etc.) and for network based communication (due to NDI Hypno is more future focused on LAN in my mind).

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Keep in mind that you can’t directly connect Hypno and the iPad for MIDI communication, unfortunately. This is because they are both considered USB Host devices. Currently, the only way I know how to do this is using two different USB-MIDI interfaces, bridging them with 5-pin MIDI cables.

Yep! Way ahead of ya :wink:


Just a note to say I caved and decided to use MidiLFOs on my iPad, an AUv3 based app which allows everything you’d want out of an LFO as well as the ability to instance out to whatever your CPU can deal with. I expect MIDI bottlenecks/issues well before running out of CPU.

So there ya go. unlimited # of LFOs to drive anything/everything and even cross mod and midi parameter mapping within the application as well.


How are you connecting the iPad for MIDI?

With yet another interface: Amazon.com: USB Type-C MIDI Cable - DigitalLife USB-C to MIDI Cable with LED Indicator (5-Pin, 1 in/Out, MIDI-C01,Black): Industrial & Scientific

and bridging the 5-pin across.

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I’d heard of midihub but hadn’t really looked into it. Suffice to say there’s one sitting on my desk now :smiley:


Nice, it’s a really fun machine.

Oscillator Sink has a great video on using very simple inputs to generate complex musical patterns.

These notes could then be sent to another output and transformed into midi CC messages.

When I get some free time in going to upload some basic patches for Hypno to patchstorage.com


thank you so much for sharing this great little device. I ordered mine today.
I will combine it with a faderfox ec4 and my other stuff (0-coast, argon8, deluge, MP11, ATEM mini extreme iso). partytime! :dancer:

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It’s very cool and opens a ton of possibilities for sure. While we’re here, allow me to also plug the RetroKits RK-006. It’s a marvel of a little box, I use it to gang together (midi merge) multiple midi devices to use with Hypno.
Here’s a video on youtube about it (not mine):