Midi Fighter Twister Mapping

Hello friends in the Sleepy-verse,

After a year with Hpyno, I finally decided to get a Midi Fighter Twister to open up (what is in my mind) full performance functionality in a smaller footprint.

I spent a day toiling over the mapping to get it to feel right. So I uploaded the mapping I made so that no one else would have to spend the time (if they wanted to take a nap or something).
You can find the mapping for download here!

This might not work for everyone, but this layout makes the most sense to me!
Currently working on a diagram image to upload so that each mapping is clear.

Hope this saves people some time!

**I did not map any functions on the main face of the Hypno itself, only the back page menus like the Oscillator pages, video pages, and feedback.
**Each push button across all 4 banks was mapped to a MIDI note from the C major scale to utilize all preset functionality.


This work is awesome. Thank you. I cannot wait to try it out.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using your mapping to double check mine.

I seem to have to send to midi fighter separately for each bank.
Is that the same experience you’ve had?

I did not experience anything like that, but I will say I’ve experienced my fair share of quirks using this controller. But because I am a video editor by trade, my tendency to save after every edit led to me sending info to midi fighter after every little move I made.

Since we’re comparing here, have you experienced any of the following:

  • Hypno does not receive signal from midi fighter until Hypno knobs are turned
  • Bank buttons on the side send midi cc signal when those have been shut off in the mapping software
  • random hue shifts when triggering a preset

It’s very possible that my perceived need to send each bank was my own misunderstanding.

But yes I have noticed knobs being needed to be turned before responding and the color shifts when recalling a preset.

Also presets sometimes don’t seem to load.