MEZZZZ. first questions requests

just got the mezz this Avo , really enjoying exploring …
great job Ron , the hardware feels really nice , a step up from hypno to me with build quality and feel …
as a p3 p4 hypno owner ,I was always frustrated with the slow speed , for me it was too fast to do what I wanted for some things , and A bit glitchy , so mezz is so much better for relaxing evolving things … however the first real thing I would like to ask is …

can you look to do some coding magic to make a way for us to limit the range of modulations?
so as it stands, it seems to sweep through the whole range of a parameter at the speed set in which direction set, correct me if im wrong…
is there a way to use external midi and cc values to perform modulation?
my MacBook Pro running Catalina doesn’t see it as a Bluetooth device or a midi device in abletons midi preferences or in apple audio midi setup page …

I would love to be able to attenuate the modulations, preferably with mezz itself , maybe double push and twist, use the same visual feedback as MOD speed like you have already done…
or draw in midi cc info into a daw ?
ive updated the firmware successfully … the vidOS app seems to run sweet on my iPhone 11 , not so sweet on my old iPad 5th gen …very stuttery…
can I also ask when you plan to release the Mac OS software App ? I think I need Mac mini power , once i have many modulations going im getting some jitter …

time to try running into hypno. fun times …

ooh , I almost forgot , presets , saving scenes …? are there any ideas for this option in the future ?


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Glad youre digging it so far and the encoders are feeling more precise, Mod range is def on my list I’m currently finalizing design phase for this UI (among a bunch of other utility stuff like knob sensitivity).

Not really expecting 5th gen ipads to run this too well but a resolution scaling option will be in an upcoming release to get those devices more workable.

MacBook should see the BT in MIDI Studio window (hit the top bar to open that window up the UI is confusing) or use midimittr app.

MacOS is supported for Apple M Chips so your mac mini may already work.

Scenes/Presets are coming yes, likely in a similar manner to Hypno but I will also be exploring the possibility of morphing, still lots to do with the app.

External Midi modulation works pretty much the same way as Hypno theres a CC map on Manual + Maps - Sleepy Circuits and I showed this off w VCMC in my video demo / user guide so make sure to check that out →

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Thanks Ron,
After another 20 hours of fun ,and investigation , I’m really getting into this …
Very inspiring …
I think one update I’m sure most would like is a way to remove /smooth knob movements . I personally don’t need the haptic feedback , and would prefer to be able to switch this off as an option for certain jobs … modulated parameters are super smooth , and also seem slow enough for me . Such a great improvement for my styles in comparison to hypno…
When watching my videos I would love be able to remove the stepping caused by the knob clicks .if this could be done ?
Also when playing at times when I’ve experimented with the gesture feature , upon coming out of that mode or the random mode , I loose the ability to access the help screen …
I’ve not quite remembered all the features ,so this is an issue for those still learning .
Needs a reboot of the controller to fix .
Also had a few of the modulations stick on after a reset using the middle button for 3 seconds , this has happened on a few occasions …
Check my style , I like slow modulations , and less is more vibes …

Thanks again for the support .


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Oh I forgot a BIG request …
When screen recording or just sending vis Apple TV , the BAR at the bottom , (and most annoyingly the latest iOS update the corner marker ) really are annoying .
I’ve researched and what I’ve read is the only way to remove these is when developing the app itself ?
Can you comment ?
Can this be removed ?

Thanks again


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and just one more thing .
where can I send you a crash report for the videos on my Mac mini m1 running Monterey,??

would love to get this going in my studio

hey crash reports can be “submitted to developer” aka me often times from that classic screen if the OS detects a crash

I have never lost the help screen b4 tbh, if you have a reliable step by step procedure to recreate that that would be much appreciated, likewise for sticking mods

a global settings page is coming in an update to address most of the stuff you mentioned. the bar has already been removed in the dev branch.

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ive updated to 1.4 now , the help screen is a bit flashy , meaning its flickers allot ,
the bar is still there though?
I love that you have reversed the haptic , great improvement very smooth now ,

hey Ron,

Would an Apple TV version of the app be possible/feasible?

What is 1.4? Do you mean Mezzz 1.2 - Firmware Release? If so please direct feedback there @LUKatten

There hasn’t been a vidOS update which is I think why this bug is there, i will try to expedite the vidOS patch to fix this.

@fgsdjkoafsih tthose have some pretty crappy processors so youre probably better off air playing it and I am focusing on mobile for vidOS

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Hi Ron ,
I am sorry for the 1.4 mistake , yes you’re right it was 1.2 …
I’ve had 3 devices I’ve updated these past few days … mezz , rample , and osmose …
I’ve re taxed the car , booked the mot … I had administrative tasks , got to be in the mood …
But when I do get there , I go solid for a few days and catch-up …
bit off topic , but that’s how I roll …

Thanks again , I will be patient for the bar removal … it’s the least of my worries now , I cracked the screen on the damn iPad … bummer …

No prob just tryna organize the feedback. I think theres a slight misunderstanding here; that 1.2 Mezzz is controller firmware (therefore cannot effect app features such as the bar). A vidOS update with the properly hidden bar is coming shortly.

Edit: 1.2 not 1.3 :man_facepalming:

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1.4; 1.2, 1.3?!
I assume you meant 1.2 that time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes sorry I did mean 1.2! My b! Im going crazy w all these version numbers…

Hey ron
Maybe start a new trend go alphabetical

For got sake don’t start calling them mountain ranges or animals though , that’s just , well yah know … lol

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