Mezzz VS hypno / comparison

Hello, I’m quite a newbie when it comes to video synthesis.
I actually wanted to buy the Hypno because I find the results very interesting. I have now discovered the Mezzz and am wondering whether I can achieve the same optical effects and shapes with the device. Or are there differences there. I really like the ability to create 3D objects. but I don’t want to miss out some of the functions of Hypno.

Could someone give me a quick comparison of the possibilities of both devices. Thanks

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Can’t speak to the Mezz but I love my Hypno.


Mezzz is the primary controller for the VidOS software video synthesizer for iOS / Apple Silicon M Series devices. The look is very 3D-esque, kind of like what you’d see done in touchdesigner, all in HD.

Wheres as Hypno, is an analog-inspired two-oscillator video synthesizer and feedback engine, in hardware. It is limited to SD.

It’s control can be expanded by a Mezzz, in the special “Hypno mode”.

The output from VidOS and Hypno are very different and serve completely different purposes. Though VidOS is free to download, and any controller can be mapped, but Mezzz is the way to go, as every single parameter is mapped already for you.

Hope this answers any questions you may have.

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Thank you very much for the answer.
So I don’t get these beautiful analog effects and patterns from the Mezz. but just the 3D shapes?

Will this (analog 2OSC) hypno optics be integrated into Mezz at some point?

I mean, integraded to VidOS

vidOS already has most of the Hypno’s feedback modes (with some improvements like the “overdrive” that overrides the foreground keying at max gain).

It may cover 2D shapes yet but may in the future, not looking to make commitments on vidOS features to avoid disappointing anyone.

As vidOS gets video inputs in the future you will be able to feed Hypno graphics into the newer 3D engine making an even more complex video synth system. The intent is to have the two working together into the future.