Mezzz & vidOS 1.2 - Firmware+App Update

New Mezzz firmware released! → Mezzz Firmware - Sleepy Circuits

See also the new PDF here-> Mezzz Manual - Sleepy Circuits

vidOS is updated via Apple App store.

Mezzz 1.2 Dev Notes:

Make sure to update to this one since the knob action is greatly improved. Haptics have been inverted by default, haptic response now has options but not saving user ops yet. The settings menu has resolution scaling options for device compatibility.

Mezzz 1.2 Patch Notes:

  • LED patterns now fully documented in new manual PDF

  • Side button CH switching is now a hold (to avoid bumps)

  • Wired MIDI

  • Settings Menu (Hold center and turn a knob)

  • Haptic Options

  • LED Brightness

  • Engine Resolution Scale

  • Reworked Knob Sensitivity

  • Velocity Based Response (like Elektron/Push)

  • Default Haptic mode inverted

    • Now buzzes on out of bounds pulses

    • Other haptic mode is available in Settings menu

  • MIDI Echoes

  • Sending CC to Mezzz will set that knob value internally

  • Tested for use with Hypno and vidOS multi-controller setup (Requires Hypno 2.4 OR vidOS 2.0)

  • MIDI Note Send (for Hypno style preset recall)

  • hold down 2 neighboring encoders then tap to send 48 different notes

  • CH16 is reserved for Hypno Mode

  • Hypno LED Mirroring

  • Button Patching

  • Hypno style preset recall (no animation, see “MIDI Note Send” above)

    • tap to recall

    • hold to save

vidOS 1.2 Dev Notes
MIDI input to the app is now smoothed. A few new feedback modes where added for this patch with a key drop “overdrive” at the max values. Domain repetition is now tweak-able per shape, z repetition is removed but will be reintroduced again later. The app now can down res the engine for better performance on older devices .

vidOS 1.2 Patch notes

  • Engione resolution scaling

  • Pre paired Mezzz via MIDI Studio causing a crash on startup on Apple M based macOS.

  • New Maps w/ additional tweaked feedback modes/video effects. (dividing and circular inverted modes added)

  • Per Shape domain Repetitions

  • Feedback modes now drop their keying at the very max bound for a sort of “Overdrive”

  • MIDI input smoothing.

  • Multi device MIDI.

  • Sysex recognition updated for Mezzz 1.2

  • Improved splash screen wording for non Mezzz users.

  • Settings menu UI

  • MIDI echo

I keep getting “can’t connect to serial port” errors on a M2 Macbook Air & freshly downloaded Chrome, any ideas?

What have you tried to fix it? Have you followed the flashing directions carefully?

Heres the 2 recommended troubleshooting items from the linked firmware page:

Serial port never shows up? Try activating Programing Mode

Hold the center button while turning the device off and then on to place Mezzz into Programing Mode. No leds will light up in this mode but the port will be visible.

Can’t connect to serial port?

Make sure other programs aren’t trying to use the port, including any IDE, browser, game engine, vj software etc.

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I did all of those things carefully more than once yesterday to no avail.

Today I repeated the process and successfully connected & updated the firmware. :ghost:

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