Mezzz Questions

I might be blind but there doesn’t seem to be a Mezzz thread going so I figured I’d start one.

First, thank you, this looks pretty awesome. I preordered one because it seems to be exactly what I didn’t realize I needed right now. I have a couple questions to start.

Will you be implementing Syphon in the MacOS version? This would be ideal for VJing since it’s an open source standard and all the popular software supports it.

Also, you mention Hypno default mode on channel 16, can you describe the methodology for getting this working with the Hypno? Mostly curious if you figured out a way to use the native rpi3/4 bluetooth or if a dongle will be required (or something else?).

Looking forward to the narcolepsy!

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Hey thanks for grabbing one! We are going to post a thread about Mezzz pre-order shortly we are catching up after the weekend.

Will you be implementing Syphon in the MacOS version?

I am hoping to eventually be implementing NDI in iOS app since this has been our video pipe of choice since Hypno and I am familiar with their sdk.

a way to use the native rpi3/4 bluetooth or if a dongle will be required (or something else?)

The built-in bluetooth is spotty in my experience so a dongle like the WIDI bud would be necessary and is the working config I have been testing. As for the Hypno mode logic its basically a mapping that mirrors Hypno’s ui using the pages instead of the hold commands, I am still finalizing this schema but I will post the pdf explainer of this when Mezzz ships.

Hey Ron, I’ve been eagerly awaiting my naptime, but before i go to dreamland, I’d like to ask a question. I just updated the firmware to 1.2.1 and noticed that the Domain Repeat is gone for the Z axis. Is that eventually going to change back with further updates? I also noticed there was no mention of this change, so maybe it is a magical glitch on my end? In any case thanks again for the time and effort you put in to the world of dreams.

Is there a way to limit how far modulation goes in VidOS via the Mezzz?

It’s great that you can set the speed and modulate things but it always wants to go from one extreme to another.
Having a way to attenuate the modulation would be awesome!

Hey there,

In the version shown at superbooth (think it might still be in beta at this time), it is possible to attenuate both the internal modulation source, and an external audio feed in a separate menu that can be held down via the currently active encoder.

Complete with slew, amplitude, etc. so everything you’d need to dial the movement just right.

Yes it will come back just reshuffling the controls for per shape domain repetition.

Very cool. Excited to see this implemented!

Hi newb question… I’m wondering is the CME WIDI Bud Pro USB Adapter the only USB Bluetooth MIDI dongle device that the Mezzz can connect to for use with the Hypno?